Call Prospects Who Actually Answer The Phone: A Poem

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When you are looking for research on your TAM
You may feel as if you are in a JAM

You may have settled for less than GREAT
but that is always a huge MISTAKE 

If you want to make sure your list has no SHIT
You should start working with Mike because iTribe Solutions is LEGIT 

Once the research is COMPLETE
You may believe that cold calling is OBSOLETE

That assumption would be TRUE
If you use a cadence / sequence or TWO

But if you send your list to me FIRST
Phone Ready Leads™ will quench your empty pipeline THIRST 

Instead of having to dial your phone all day like a CLOWN
a conversation 3 to 7 dials will be the talk of the TOWN

This all may seem so simple and could not possibly be TRUE
but with our Missouri Offer in just 5 Days this experience could be for YOU!