2 Years Of Sales In 6 Months


Hortau, an irrigation management system that helps growers keep their plants healthy and use their inputs more efficiently, implemented Phone Ready Leads™ to increase their conversations, but got more than they expected. “In 6 months, we are about to close more deals from our insides sales than in the past 2 fiscal years together (94k vs 105k, 16 deals vs 9 deals)”, explained François Proulx, VP Commercial Operations at Hortau.


“Our D2M ratio today with the way we usually cold call: 2.78% Our D2M with your connect validated leads : 18.75% (5 meetings scheduled + another one to set on the calendar out of 32 connect validated leads we contacted so far).” – François Proulx, VP Commercial Operations

Because of Phone Ready Leads™, Hortau expected 2x the conversations, but what they got was 2x meetings. François adds, “The best initiative the company has invested in this year.” Would getting 2 years of sales in 6 months be worth 15 minutes of your time?

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